What a crazy year it’s been!  I have been missing teaching dance tremendously.   I have also felt so fortunate to have this unexpected year to dive into online school with my kids and had time to do exciting work in our community around racial equity and social justice.  

This morning I walked the kids to school for the second Monday in the past 14 months!  PHEWF!  

An update on when Creative Dance classes might resume:
At this point, since my sweetie has off the end of June through July, I am not planning on beginning any dance until August at the earliest, depending on smoke and Covid-19 protocols.

With all the current, and constantly changing, restrictions I am still unsure how to begin to return to the studio with my own kids and whether all of the sudden something might shift again with their schedules.
*I will let you know as soon I put out a schedule.*

I am SO excited to get back to dancing with all the precious little people I have been desperately missing!   Please send your cutie a big hug from me 🙂

Very warmest,


Creative Dance For Children




Hard times require furious dancing. ~Alice Walker